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Make it Sing. Make it Dance!

Why hire a professional writer to do your writing for you?

I say, why not?

I could liken it to hiring someone to install an air conditioning unit or to fix your car, but those are not equivalent comparisons. So instead I’ll compare it to business cards. When you decide it’s time for new business cards, you have a few choices. One of those choices might include printing the cards from your home computer, and the other choice would include hiring a professional who has professional equipment and skills to print your business cards for you.

Since I recently made this decision myself, I was torn between printing them at home and saving money (and having the option to make changes and print additional cards quickly) and hiring a professional to print the cards for me. In the end, I decided to order my cards from a professional printer because I was convinced that the cards would simply look better and present my business in a better light.

Writing is much the same.

Although you could do it yourself, you may not do the high-quality job in a professional writer will do. Writers are generally trained and well-versed in the craft of writing. And writing, in fact, is a craft. While anyone can do it, there are people who will simply do a better job. They might have better natural skills, more training, or more experience, or a combination of all three.

While it’s important that your website look good, it’s even more important that it sound good. It’s important that the writing is fluent, cogent and informative. The most beautiful website will still die a slow and sure death if the writing doesn’t back up the visual beauty of the site.

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