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Great Copywriting Not Always the Answer

As passionate as I am about really good copywriting, sometimes no words are better than words.

A few months ago, the California Lottery announced that California residents could participate in the Powerball jackpots. Before I heard an official announcement, however, I saw a commercial on television that gave me chills. Seriously. I can’t completely attest to why, but I was really taken with the visuals, the perfect song to tie it all together and then the moment when I realized what the commercial was for, as that red ball dropped into that dude’s hands. Chills!

Here’s the video:

Recently, however, a new commercial was introduced (or maybe it wasn’t new but I just saw it). I thought it was far less effective. Why, I wondered. Why .. ? Then I realized it’s because there is actual content on this video, that the use of a copywriter was required beyond a slogan (which is fantastic on its own).

As a copywriter, I realize that arguing AGAINST copywriting seems a little odd, but in this case, the images are striking and powerful enough that I don’t need the voice over. I much prefer the original version (above) to this “newer” version, which I was unfortunately unable to find on YouTube or the Ca Lottery website.

Suffice to say, however, it dilutes the original version. The power of that first video is perhaps based completely on the lack of copywriting or a voice over. I guess what that means is that a good slogan can take the place of a bunch of other words, that sometimes fewer words are better.

As a writer, I can actually live with that, if the result is this good.





The Working ‘Vacation’

I’m at a lovely 4-star resort and I’m writing. Yes, I could be getting a spa treatment or sitting by the pool (though it is a bit cold here by Palm Springs standards), but I’m working.


In short, I see this getaway as a forced evaluation of my business. That is, I don’t often have time to sit back, reflect and figure out where I’m going. This trip is actually a business trip for my husband; the wives come along to rest, relax and get reenergized. The job the guys do is hard, involves long hours and can tax even the strongest marriage.

I’m getting a break from the kids, the house and the usual endless parade of weekend activities, but not from work.


Because I’m doing what my husband’s company is doing. I’m rethinking where I’m going with my business, hatching a new mission statement and opening my mind to change. I realize that the way I’ve been working isn’t really working for me. It’s not brought me the desired results.

Oh, it works. Often, my personal business model works quite well. But as I get older, think about new priorities and goals and where I want to be, I have to consider if my current working model is getting me there. And frankly, it’s not.

That’s why I’m sitting in my beautiful room, sucking down water while chomping on almonds and tapping away on my laptop. Sometimes a break isn’t just about spa time or pool time or even movie time. Sometimes it’s about taking a moment to reflect, to revise and to come out on the other side ready to do battle once more.