Humor? It’s a Good Thing

Humor is so important in life. It helps us deal with difficult situations and makes good things even better. But I have to admit – as a copywriter, I don’t often use humor in my writing. Too many clients ask for formal language (such as don’t use “don’t” but use “do not”) or it’s assumed that a particular kind of language is preferred or more appropriate for the job.wilkinson_1.jpg.CROP.promovar-medium2

For a time, I wrote for a very formal client that is a leading provider of online testing, writing courses on various things like business writing and becoming a fitness trainer. When writing these courses, I would download iStock photos to use with the content. I often giggled at the ridiculousness of the photos – the serious glasses-clad secretary staring at a computer screen, or a group of business people standing around a boardroom table congratulating each other.

That’s why when I heard that faux iStock photos were being released to promote a new movie, I scoured the web until I found some of the photos. And I laughed. They were so spot on, so ridiculous in their adherence to the integrity of the usual iStock photo standard, I just had to laugh.

Now, this is not a ding at iStock. I’ve used the photo provider for years and those photos have helped to Business team enjoying victoryillustrate business materials, eBooks, white papers and more. But sometimes, just sometimes, those photos are silly in their staged qualities. And that’s why these photos tickled me so. It also made me curious to see “Unfinished Business”, though I fear the photos are the best thing about it.

Humor is a good thing.


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