Good Copywriting Feeds the Soul (no kidding!)

I love really good copywriting.

To me, it’s like the first day of spring after a cold, dark winter. You open the windows, breathe in the fresh air and hear the birds sing. It’s good for the spirit.

Really good copywriting does more than sell a product. It makes you stop and listen, think, admire. If it’s the right kind of copywriting, your spirit will soar.

It’s possible (if not likely) that I am more in tune to this than most people since writing is what I do for a living, but I think that the very best of the best copywriting can do this for just about anyone.

One of the most recent examples of superior copywriting that comes to mind is the Chrysler commercial that was first shown during the Super Bowl. You know the one – Eminem is the mystery person behind the wheel and the voiced words during the ad are paired with stark and gritty images of Detroit.

It might be that the sheer beauty of the writing is rooted right there in that pairing of words and visuals but not all copywriting would say what this ad says with as much grace, fluidity and beauty as this one does.

See for yourself:



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