Dollar Articles? Here’s What you Get

I get a lot of heat from other writers for using bidding sites, but I find a good deal of work at the bidding sites.  I don’t believe, as some writers do, that bidding for work somehow degrades what I do. I see it as just another means to an end.

Many writers believe that there’s no point in bidding on projects when non-native English speakers can offer articles for $1 each. Often buyers say outright that they will pay no more than $1 or $2 for an article. It can seem like an American writer is wasting his or her time at these sites.

But I view it a bit differently. Since I often find decent paying jobs at bidding sites, I find it’s worth the effort for me. The buyers who are interested in paying $1 an article will get articles worth $1. I don’t believe that I’m competing against these sellers who offer super cheap work. Buyers who are interested in those writers aren’t interested in me; the opposite is true as well.

This means that I can find humor in some of the postings from these non-native English speakers. Here’s one particularly enjoyable bid I saw recently:


First let me tell about meself. I am not a native English speaker! I dont want to be a lier or cheater so I disclosed it to you at our first conversation.

But I want to work with you because I belive I can write some excellent quality articles as well i am concerned on SEO and keyword placement.

I hope my writing quality will impress you. I expect, you will select me as your winner if my sample article match with your requirement. Otherwise i will not be unhappy!”

Gosh, Word is not happy with me right now! Here’s another favorite:

“Hello sir. WE are a working comany and have long experience of aricle writing and project developemnt. we are amny persone in the company who have work individualy now we r working as a whole. we assure you that you will not have a work quality anywhere else. Kindly provide this work to us Thanking You.”

I’m not sure how American writers believe they are competing against people with these kinds of writing (and English) skills. If buyers on these sites believe they will get copy that’s at all readable when they hire someone with these skills, then they will get what they paid for. And that, in case we aren’t paying attention, is copy that is not at all readable.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to hire a good American writer. It does cost more, however. It’s actually my hope that buyers will begin to see that paying a bit more will bring them more visitors, more sales of their products, and more success, ultimately. One can hope anyhow.


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